Date: 2017-07-221

Help received: 2 000 inr


Date: 2017-07-222

Help received: 1 000 inr

Dear Friends, My name mohan sharma i get 1000 rupees as a get help on the date of 30.05.2017. I am very happy . Thank You MMM

Date: 2017-07-223

Help received: 1 000 inr

My name is SATISH CHANDRA MAURYA. I am participant of mmm.and first guider I am from u.P. district DILAWARPUR MARIAHU JAUNPUR India . BONUS 1000 inr from gh 21-07-2017 Thanks TO mmm. LONG LIVE MMM !!!

Date: 2017-07-224

Help received: 1 000 inr

name sabhachi status guider residence maharastra gh 1000/ my refrel bonus rec ian very glad to say till in falling stage mmmindia is growing fast due to system confidence so i request all old guider pl give hand to each other long live mmm

Date: 2017-07-225

Help received: 500 inr

My self Gulab singh From Kaithal city (HRY) member of mmm community. When i need take help 500/inr on date 21/07/017 this amount is my guider bonus, i have received amount in my wallet,i am happy and impressed for take help. Its great experience,i am very happy to receive help from the another person. Long live mmm India Thanks.

Date: 2017-07-226

Help received: 500 inr

my self alok kumar as a 10+guider in this system i am from ghaziabad up india . i get help of 500 INR on 21/07/2017 . my get help has been completed and i have received it in my btc address. this is my guider bonus only thanks long live mmm long live mmm.

Date: 2017-07-227

Help received: 500 inr

my name lalbahadur maurya membar of mmm lndia from india get help Referral bonus date-21-07-17 amo 500 rs I am very happy long life mmm lndia

Date: 2017-07-228

Help received: 500 inr

1. suneeta 2. paricpent 3. Residence India 4. The amount and date of PH. 5. The amount of GH.500

Date: 2017-07-229

Help received: 500 inr

Hello guys.. My Name is jone and i am form DELHI, India. I joined MMM on 12/12/2015 as a active participant and guider. My status is 1k Guider. I Provided help of 1000 on 29/04/2017 and on 21/07/2017 i got help (bounes)of 500/--in MMMIndia. Thanks to the participant/guider who helped me with their free money in this amazing system. . MMM India Rocks Long live MMM.

Date: 2017-07-2210

Help received: 0.0400 btc

I am Virendra and an ordinary participant in mmm india I am from jaipur rajasthan india I Provide help 1.5 btc on july 7th i received get help btc bonus 0.04 on july 6th i am very happy with this community Long Live MMM