Date: 2017-05-281

Help received: 1.4500 btc

mmm India community# mmm pays # Hi frainds i am Pal Singh jind City haryana i am member of mmm India, i provide help in mmm India 1/btc on date 26/04/2017 When I need help i take help 1.45/btc on dated 23/05/2017 I am happy and impressed for take help from mmm India community Long live mmm India mmm community # mmm India # mmm pays # Thanks

Date: 2017-05-282

Help received: 1.3200 btc

my name is manoj maharia am from rajasthan india i am provide help 1 btc 5/8/2017 and today gh 1.32 btc 25/5/2017 thanx mmm india long live mmm india

Date: 2017-05-283

Help received: 24 500 inr

dear mmm participants my name is usha from up frends join mmmindia and complate daily only one task. i recive pament 24500 thanks mmm

Date: 2017-05-284

Help received: 17 500 inr

i am particepat of mmm india i get help 17500. thanks mmm india. long live

Date: 2017-05-285

Help received: 4 500 inr

Hi. I am sreelekha from india.i am a normal participant of mmmindia.i have requested to get help of rs 4500. and got money on 19 may 2017 . Long live mmm

Date: 2017-05-286

Help received: 3 500 inr

My self Gulab singh From Kaithal city (HRY) 100+guider of mmm India community. When i need take help 3500/inr on date 27/05/017 this amount is my guider bonus.i have received amount in my wallet,i am happy and impressed for take help. Its great experience,i am very happy to receive help from the another person. Long live mmm India Thanks.

Date: 2017-05-287

Help received: 2 000 inr

name farzana i am paticipant of india status 100manager enty date 12.12.2015 provid help 1000 inr date 12.12.2015 guider boons receiv payment 2000 rs btc date 24.05.2017 thanks mmm long live mmm

Date: 2017-05-288

Help received: 1 500 inr

name:mirza surfaraz begh status:guider from:delhi get help:1500INR 27/05/2017 [guider bonus] i am very happy to get this money thanks mmm

Date: 2017-05-289

Help received: 1 500 inr

Name: Mohd Yunus Mughal 1) CITY: Bikaner Rajasthan 2) THE STATUS: 100+ Guider 3) THE AMOUNT OF PROVIDED HELP: 1000 INR Date on 31-12-2015 & 50,000 20-3-2016 4) THE AMOUNT OF RECEIVED HELP HELP Guider Bonus: 1500 INR Date on 25/5/2017 Thanks MMM,together we can change the world.Long Live MMM Long Live MMM Long Live MMMLong Live MMMLong Live MMMLong Live MMMLong Live MMM

Date: 2017-05-2810

Help received: 1 000 inr

I am NAVIN KUMAR from india.i got 1000 inr on 26.05.2017 Long live mmm.