Date: 2017-10-211

Help received: 104 000 inr

im 100 Manager i have get leader bonus and day 21-10-2017, have release,, and i have confirm withdraw INR. 104.000 thanks mmm and long life, together we change the word

Date: 2017-10-212

Help received: 12 500 inr

I am BISWANATH from india ,a participant of mmmindia,i had provide 0.03 BTC on dt-04-10-2017 and i have receive get help amount 0.03438176 BTC on dt-19-10-2017.i am very happy ,thanks mmmindia for long live....

Date: 2017-10-213

Help received: 9 000 inr

My name is sim member of MMM resident of Punjab India and latest PH 0.11 and now GH of 0.02370725 btc on 20.10.17, I'm very happy with this system MMM and thanks to Mr. Sergey Mavrodi founder of MMM community LONG LIVE MMM TOGETHER, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD

Date: 2017-10-214

Help received: 4 500 inr

My name is Mamta Devi I am a participate in mmmindia I am from Shamli I received Rafrael bonus 4500/ 17/10/2017 I am very happy thanx mmmindia

Date: 2017-10-215

Help received: 2 500 inr

hello my name is atul. i am from jaipur rajasthan. i am from jaipur rajasthan. i am a manager in MMMINDIA. I have applied for get help of 2500INR btc on dated 18-10-2017 of my manager bonus and i received my payment within few hours. i am very happy. long live MMMINDIA. THANK YOU REGARDS ATUL

Date: 2017-10-216

Help received: 2 500 inr

My name is Jhuma Debnath im member in This System I am From jirania Tripura, i Get Help Received Referral Bonus 0.01 BTC date 20-10-2017 Thank so much all participants who have provided help to me and, This Community is very Strong and Faithful of course, the founder of this unique Community - Sergei Mavrodi! i am Very very happy With This System Together We Change the World!!! Long Live MMM

Date: 2017-10-217

Help received: 2 000 inr

Everybody i santosh Singh from India city mumbai i am guider I got my guider bonus 2000 inr on 19/10/2017 i am very happy thank surgey mavrodi

Date: 2017-10-218

Help received: 2 000 inr

my name is lehar i am live vapi in the mmm system get help recive 2000 inr thanks mmm

Date: 2017-10-219

Help received: 2 000 inr

my name is mannu sav i am participent in mmm india i am live in baroda i am recive in mmm india system 2000 inr thanks mmm

Date: 2017-10-2110

Help received: 2 000 inr

my name is dablu singh i recive 2000 inr happy mmm long live mmm