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1st October – MMM India joins global International Rules


We are glad to announce that starting 1st October MMM India will join global International Rules. There will be no changes before this date, till then the existing rules apply.

Starting 1st of October

  1. The System can request up to 100% of your deposit.

By then we will know how to transfer funds and funds are being transferred, and this involves no risk as everyone in MMM gets paid. So now we will be ready to transfer up to 100% as per request.

  1. Ten’s Manager bonuses will be calculated at 5 % on first level.

With the introduction of new the automatic software, managers do not have to make many reports, all they have to do is co-ordinate with their participants, so bonus of first level will be 5% instead of 10%.

  1. Manager and Referral bonuses are not frozen for one month.

After this date you do not have to wait for a month to withdraw your manager/referral bonuses, once your participants makes the first transfer (Status of their Mavro changes – Confirmed), you can withdraw your bonus. You don’t have to wait for a period of one month. Just click get help and exchange Mavro into rupees!

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Be Loyal!


In case you get a request and there are some mistakes in your personal or bank details, participants should always contact each other to verify (via phone or e-mail). In case there is no response, participants can always contact their ten’s manager or ten’s manager of the receiver/sender.

Be loyal!

Humans CAN make mistakes!

REMEMBER! If you are a manger you should always have contact with your participants, coordinate with them and answer their questions. That is the reason you are getting bonuses from the System. 

We Can Change The World!!!

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Dear Participants! We kindly ask you to create a Log-in ID on our web-site www.mmmindia.in.

Attention! This ID is not connected to the software and is only for the web-site. So we can share information, make comments and discuss different topics in Forum.

The concept of MMM is purely built on honesty, openness and trust bases. The Forum is divided into Zones and the Zones are further divided into states. Here any MMM manager can put his/her contact information according to the zone/ state. A person has full right to choose the manager he/her wants to work with and promote System MMM.

Please do remember, if somebody has invited you and explained the ideology and plan of MMM, be honest to this person, make him your referrer.

We Can Do A Lot!!!

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If a participant GIVES HELP to another Participant by directly depositing cash in the bank, and does not use the NEFT facility then it is COMPULSORY to write(handwritten) the below given details by the participant depositing the cash on the Deposit receipt that he receives from the bank. The details required are as below-

Full name-

G-mail ID-

Phone number -

A copy of this deposit receipt MUST be provided by the particular participant as and when CRO requests. Those who do not provide this Deposit Slip- will be blocked.

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There will be a MMM Seminar on the 19th of August 2012 in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

Venue---Hotel Grand Dhillon, Nehru Nagar, Bhilai. Start: 1 p.m. 

MMM - We Can Do A Lot!

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