Date: 2017-01-201

Help received: 8 000 inr

Hi my name is Amit. I m from mp.india I joined mmmindia on 31 Dec. 2015. I provided help of 15000 on 21 Mar 2016. I got help of 29500. i provided help of 15000=00 inr and i got helped for 20000=00 on 13-04-16. i provided help of 500000=00 on 8-04-16 i got help of 173000=00 on 26-04-16 on 28-04-16 i got help of 67000=00 On 01-05-16 got helped for 8000 inr . thanks mmm long live mmm screen shot attached.

Date: 2017-01-202

Help received: 5 000 inr

I am kamakshamma participant of mmmindia,   i provided help of 50000rs on 17/04/2016 later i got help of 25000rs on 02/05/2016 and also i got 5000rs on 05/05/2016, and i got help of 12000rs on 13/05/2016 and later i got help of 5000rs on 19/05/2016 and finally  i got help of 5000rs on 17/01/2017... Thanks to MMM LONG LIVE MMMINDIA.IN

Date: 2017-01-203

Help received: 5 000 inr

Hello Friends.. My name is pawan kumar singh. i am from lucknow uttar pradesh. I am participant of MMMindia. I have provided help of rs 100000 on 15th april 2016. and i have get help of 5000 on 18-12- 2016 .  LOng live MMMindia. long live sergey sir. together we change the world.

Date: 2017-01-204

Help received: 3 500 inr

My name is Anil Kumar I am a Guitar 10+ in mmmindia I am from Shamli(UP) I received referral bonus-3500-dt,29/12/2016 I am very happy so Thanks mmmindia Jai mmm

Date: 2017-01-205

Help received: 2 000 inr

hello friends my name is bheem sain and i am an ordinary partiipant on mmm indiai provided help of 60000 rsnow i got help of bonus ammount 0f 2000 rupees.now i m very happ.its reealli a graet concept.i am thankfull to that people who helped me.long live mmm

Date: 2017-01-206

Help received: 2 000 inr

I am Mamta singh from Delhi . I am a participant of mmm india . I provide help 2000/- on 19/12/2016 . and i get help 2000/- on 10/01/2017 and i received it . i am so happy . long live mmm

Date: 2017-01-207

Help received: 500 inr

Hello.. My name is Shobhit Mathur, I'm a participant of MMM since July 2015. I am from New Delhi. I provided help of INR 27,500 in October 2015 and 2000 in March 2016. Today i got help of 500. Hoping that MMM is gain its speed once again. Its 500 instead of 50k.. still better than zero..

Date: 2017-01-208

Help received: 500 inr

name ranjeetpatel state utter pradesh city pratapgarh am participant only am provide help 3500 my get help date is receved 20/01/2016 500 int recived am very happy to mmmindia thanks am very big happy to mmm india long live mmm india

Date: 2017-01-209

Help received: 500 inr

Hello,i am kamleshwar painkra from india.i am a member of mmm india my old movro came this time my get help amount is 500 inr have add my bank acount i am very happy thank you mmm indialong live mmm india

Date: 2017-01-2010

Help received: 500 inr

Myself Kaushik Das I am 1+ Guider I am from West Bengal India, I Provide help 31.12.2015 of Rs. 5000 I Received Rs 500 on 18.01.2017. Thanks to MMMIndia & Sergey Mavrodi Sir for giving us such wounder platform. Long Live MMMINDIA "TOGETHER WE CHANGE THE WORLD".

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