Floating Rate


Dear participants!

Unfortunately, the situation is still quite complicated. Of course, it is getting better but not nearly as fast as we would like.

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Referral Bonus Freezing Is Cancelled


Dear MMM India participants and guiders!!!

We would like to share fantastic news with you!!!
In response to numerous requests from the most active participants, we decided to cancel freezing for NEW referral bonuses and make the process of the bonus crediting faster and more attractive for participants.
Such type of the referral bonuses will be available only for the most active and loyal MMM India participants.
In order to get the bonuses which are not frozen, you have to meet the following requirements:

1. Carry out an offline conference for at least 10 people.
2. Record an HD video about the conference.
3. Register the interested participants who assist the conference.
4. Send the record of the video about the conference, ID of new participants and ID of the referrer to the e-mail [email protected].

When the participants who register during your conference provide help, you (their referrer) will be immediately granted with the referral bonus without freezing or other restrictions!))
Hold as many conferences as possible! Invite your friends and acquaintances!!
Make your cherished dreams true with MMM India!!!
Your future is in your hands!!!!
Enjoy your participation!))

The innovation becomes effective from the date this news is published.

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