Site Under Maintainance till 17/08/2012


Dear Participants, We kindly request you to not buy Mavro, make any additions or changes in you MMM account. The reason being that the site is under maintainance, till tomorrow evening i.e., 17/08/2012. Please do not panic, we  request you to kindly co-operate.

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New rules about bank accounts


Dear Participants! Starting TODAY, 15.08.2012, You can use any BANK ACCOUNT in India. The rule where in, you had to use only specified bank accoounts has changed.  So now become a member withg any existing bank account. And to add to this you can also use your CURRENT ACCOUNT (but ONLY in your personal name) and not only your savings account.

ATTENTION-  MMM will not be responsible for any of the transaction charges charged by the bank, participants will be responsible for these charges.

We Can Do A Lot!!

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MMM Seminar in Pune 14.08.2012


Today 14/08/2012 MMM Seminar in Pune! Start: 6 p.m. Address: Hotel Ratnalok, Akurdi, Pune-35, Mumbai-Pune Road.

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